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Select Employee Group

What is a Select Employee Group?

To join a credit union, a person must be eligible for membership. Each credit union must decide whom it will serve. Most credit unions are organized to serve people in a particular community, group or groups of employees or members of an organization or association. People who have a “common bond.” The common bonds are referred to as Select Employee Groups.

Why become a Select Employee Group of a credit union?

Becoming a Select Employee Group of Northwest United Federal Credit Union will give your company a powerful and unique product to add to your benefit package. And best of all it offer to your company FREE.

Northwest United is a not-for-profit financial cooperative, we operate solely to serve our members. We return all excess income to our members in the form of better rates and lower fees. We offer the same financial products as banks, but we do it as a service, not as a source of income. That is why you will find that our fees are often significantly lower than other lenders.

You can be assured that every decision made at Northwest United is made with our members' financial well-being in mind.

Other Benefits of offering Northwest United to your companies employees.
Help your organization and your employees save time and money through:

  • Payroll Deduction or Direct Deposit.
  • Low Cost Loans.
  • No annual Fee Visa Credit Cards.
  • PC Banking and Internet Access to your Accounts.
  • Investment Accounts.
  • Notary Service - Free to members.
  • Touchtone Teller - 24 hour Audio Response.
  • State, Metro and Nationwide Locations and extended hours at CU Service Centers.

How do you become a Select Employee Group?

To be considered for membership at Northwest United, we need you to complete our SEG application and return it with a letter on your company letterhead including the following.

  • Your company's official request for credit union membership
  • The approximate number of employees
  • The approximate distance in miles to Northwest United
  • Signature of owner or CEO.

Once we have received your application, it will be sent to our Board of Directors for their endorsement, then forwarded to the National Credit Union Administration (NCUA) for their final approval. We will notify you when the approval process is complete. This generally takes only 5-10 business days.

After your company has become a SEG, we will set up a meeting with you to introduce you and your employees to the benefits of credit union membership. For more information, please call us at 303-424-5037 or e-mail Marketing Department

Do Businesses have to be Select Employee Group to open business accounts?

No. However, one person on the board of Directors has to be eligible for membership and have a personal account at Northwest United.

Already a Select Employee Group?

What do I do if I need credit union supplies or promotional materials?

Fill out our SEG Material Order Form or call us at 303-424-5037 ext. 130.

Would you like someone from the credit union to visit you?
Contact Marketing Department by email or call us at 303-424-5037 ext. 130.


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