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Consmers United Association

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Only $5.00 per year or $25.00 for a lifetime membership.

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Did you know that as a Northwest United member you can now join Consumers United for free and receive the following benefits?

  • Free seminars on financial issues
  • Access to an online resource library related to consumer issues
  • Help in resolving consumer complaints
  • An informative newsletter
  • Low membership fee – only $5.00 per year or $25.00 for a lifetime membership                                                 
  • And much more - Click here for details
Go to, click on join us.  Once you've signed-in you can begin enjoying the benefits of Consumer United membership.

About CUA

Based on the premise,

We can do more together than we can individually,

the Consumers United Association (CUA) was originally created by a group of Colorado credit unions to serve as an advocate for consumers and to provide education on issues related to their financial well-being.

Consumers United is a nonprofit association made up of people, credit unions, and corporations who are dedicated to educating consumers on financial issues which impact their personal lives. We offer services and resources to aid consumers in the resolution of consumer problems and provide a united voice for consumers in the legislative arena.

CUA members receive many benefits through this unique association, including:

  • An opportunity to voice their opinions on current issues which impact consumers' personal finances
  • Assistance in resolving consumer problems through useful materials and personal mediation
  • The opportunity to participate in special events such as workshops, live Internet chats 
  • A regular newsletter focusing on consumer-oriented, financial-related topics
  • The ability to provide input to the Consumers United legislative efforts
  • The option to join a credit union of their choice

By becoming a CUA member, you will have the power to make informed consumer decisions, a forum in which to air and resolve problematic situations and the ability to have a say in legislative decisions which affect you.



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