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Direct Deposit

What you need to know!
Members may need to provide our Routing and Transit number, 307074441, to their employer for them to setup a direct deposit.

With Direct Deposit members no longer have to rush to the credit union on payday to deposit their paycheck.  Northwest United’s Direct Deposit service allows member to have their net paycheck (or a portion of it) safely deposited into their NUFCU account electronically.  This includes any recurring government checks such as social security, military retirement, veteran’s administration compensation, and pensions.  Through Direct Deposit/Payroll Deduction members can also have a portion deposited into a spouse and /or child’s account.  It is an easy way to build up your savings or make loan payments.

Benefits of using Direct Deposit:

1. Funds are safer.
Each year more than four million paper paychecks are lost or stolen. In comparison, the Social Security Administration reports that since it began using direct deposit to electronically send benefit checks, not one electronic payment has been lost.

2. Members will love the convenience.
With Direct Deposit, you can rest assured your funds will make it to your credit union even when you can't. Whether you're on vacation or just ready to start your weekend, you will no longer have to worry about getting to your credit union to make your deposit.

3. Signing up is easy.
To find out how you can sign up for Direct Deposit, please contact a member service representative.

Download the Direct Deposit Form here.


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