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Why Choose a Credit Union?

You’re an Owner

When you deposit money into a credit union savings account, you become a member and an owner. While other financial institutions pay profits to outside stockholders, credit unions return their net earnings to their own Members/Owners, through high dividends (interest) on savings and low loan rates.

It's a private, not-for-profit institution

The Board of Directors sets policies while various committees provide guidance to the credit union's professional staff and oversee all aspects of the credit union's operations. These volunteers have a personal interest in the credit union's success because they are Members/Owners just like you.

A credit union provides high quality financial services as affordable as possible

Credit unions are cooperative organizations invented in Europe to combat the then-common practice of the wealthy lending money at high rates of interest to those less fortunate. People banded together in protest and started to pool their available money and lend it, at reasonable rates, to their peers in need.

"People helping people" is the basic premise of credit unions - then and now.

Northwest United provides a full range of services that are equal to or better than those at other financial institutions. Credit unions typically have lower loan rates, pay higher dividends, and often have low or no fees. These are just some of the benefits at Northwest United Community Federal Credit Union.

Service is personal

Our knowledgeable and friendly staff is ready to assist those members who prefer person-to-person service. Members who are not near a branch can rely on our Member Service Representatives who take care of members by fax, telephone, and e-mail.

Our insurance is the safest around

Funds on deposit at Northwest United Federal Credit Union are insured up to $250,000 by the National Credit Union Administration (NCUA), an agency of the Federal Government. The NCUA has stronger backing per dollar than either of its counterparts, the FDIC (insuring banks) and FSLIC (insuring savings and loans). Nothing in life is certain, but it is nice to know that your money has the strongest protection available.


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